Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Paying Dues

Will I ever be an overnight success? How long does it take?

If it takes ten years as a graphic designer to really start making a living wage, then I've still got a couple of years to put in.

When I arrive, though, I'll have a great hardluck story. It will be filled tales with all the days and weeks I sat making beautiful repeats without any money coming in except for that which I made as a seamstress.

I'll tell about all the graphic design jobs I took that were just beyond my abilities, and then watched tutorials online to figure out how.

My bio will include how I paid my rent with the proceeds of the sale of my house, rather than put that money back into a new house. Determined, yet watching my savings diminish, I seldom gave up hope that one day, my designing skills would finally pay the bills.

Today is one of those days that will be included in my story, a day among so many that finds me creating, learning, striving ... dreaming.

And putting together designs that make my heart sing!

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