Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Old Wallpaper Advertisement

This is another fun way to fill an existing image, in this case a wallpaper ad, with your own designs:

All of these patterns are mine.

She Looks Like Blythe ... My New Paper Doll

I have an actual Blythe doll - her name is Ever Wild - and have even developed some clothing patterns for her that are for sale at one of my Etsy stores.

During this holiday season, I've had a few slow work days, which means I've had time to catch up with some half-finished projects.

My Blythe-like paper doll is one. It's done!

I originally was going to do several pages with lots of outfits and accessories, but I decided to pare it pare it down to just one 11.5" x 17.5" sheet.

Once I've received the first printing and approved it, I'll add it to the other prints I have for sale at my other Etsy store.