Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Designing and Work

I want to work as a graphic designer and make money at it! Really, I do! 

I look for work at Elance almost daily, and do find jobs there. I've worked with and for some great clients who are passionate about their companies. It thrills me to please them and see my designs show up on their products.

And my work is represented by a very proactive design studio ... my work along with a couple hundred other designers.

Alas. As much as I want there to be enough work to go around, it seems there are dozens of designer vying for the same job, and *thousands* of designers hoping to sell their designs to just a handful of clients.

We soldier on. 

Meanwhile, as I hustle for work and complete the jobs I do manage to get, time for my own design work falls short. So, it is on the days when I am completely free, I design, design, design!

Here's a group I put together during a recent "free" time. 

Dear Universe, May someone out there see it, love it and buy it.  Such is the prayer of every graphic designer.